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Attention ALL Incoming Kindergartners

We have Kinder Kamp: August 8-11 from 7:40 to 12:30 at the Elementary School. Please call the Elementary office 970-563-0675 for more information.

If your child can not attend the Kinder Kamp, please call the Elementary office to set up an appointment for Kinder Dial 4 Testing which will be held August 9th & 10th.

Changes coming to the Ignacio School District

Parents and Guardians,

Last evening, the School Board passed a unanimous vote for a 4 day school week.  This will lengthen the school day but lessen the number of student and staff days in the year.  The student calendar will reflect 146 days and the teachers are slated for 164 days.  The vote also reflected recent surveys from both community and staff that showed over 70% support for the change in the school week next year.  We will continue to communicate necessary information as it arises.  Please note that a 4 day week slideshow presentation can be accessed on the district website.

We also understood very clearly that there needed to be opportunities for academic support and enrichment to engage your children on Fridays.  There is a plan being developed that will allow for bus pick up/drop off points to and from school.  It will also provide breakfast and lunch on those days.  The school will provide academic support to address loss of learning and credit recovery.  We are grateful for the local youth groups including the Rec Center to provide further activities for youth on designated Fridays.  Details will be forthcoming.

The Board also unanimously passed moderate raises for both certified and classified staff.  We are very appreciative of our hard working staff and wanted to acknowledge their resiliency and dedication in working with our youth.

Both of these actions are the first steps in addressing two important areas of the Strategic Plan.  One area was centered on Academic Growth and Achievement, and the other was on Staff Development and Retention.

With the move to a 4 day week, we hope to maximize attendance by both students and staff on Monday through Thursday.  Many activities and athletic events will be shifted to Friday and Saturday.  We also hope parents will schedule appointments and have family events on Fridays instead of during the week.  In this way, we can maximize quality time between student and teacher in the classroom.  That will produce the academic growth that is desired.

Please let me know if you have questions and thank you for your support!  I am proud to serve this community and work with such a dedicated staff.


Christopher W. deKay

Ignacio School District


PO Box 460

Ignacio, CO 81137

Phone 970-563-0501